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BACK2BASICS: How to Add Depth to Flat Graphics in Your Designs

Learn how to create depth to your designs to make them have a more realistic and embodied feel with Photoshop.

Depth in graphic design makes your designs feel more alive. By using different elements and techniques to create a sense of depth, your designs will feel more engaging and more interesting. Of course, there's definitely scenarios where keeping your designs flat will look better, such as having clean and minimal interfaces rather than visually busy solutions. However for the most part, flat designs generally lack a sense of personality and tend to look plain. An easy option to consider is to add that tiny little “depth” in the design, turning the final design vivid and interesting.

Closing Thoughts

We love seeing beautiful posters and artwork. Enhance your graphics by trying out this tutorial and let us know if you need any more tips for leveling up your design skills in the comments below!

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