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Nifty Collaborators

Be an exclusive Nifty Collaborator and receive opportunities to expand your portfolio with local and international clients.

Missing a portfolio but burning with passion? Don’t worry. Take our skill-specific challenges below and stand a chance to become a Nifty Collaborator forever. Your journey as a creative begins with us.

Nifty Challenges

*Only if you don't have a portfolio!

Graphic Design/Illustrator

Create/Illustrate an Instagram post (1:1) promoting a Cat Cafe that sells artisan coffee.


Create a logo for a company "Catz N Coffee".


Create an advertisement for Nifty Media.

Upload the working files (.ai/.psd etc.) and final export (1080x1080 .png) to Google Drive.

UIUX/Website Developer

Create/Develop a web homepage mockup/site for a modern Cat Cafe that sells coffee. Their USPs are:

1. Imported Beans from Ethiopia

2. Home to rare Norwegian Forest Cats

3. Located at the heart of CBD

Upload the link to the working files/demo.


P: Take a product photo of something that represents you. Include your own sourced props in the composition. Points for creativity!


Export a highres .png/.jpeg and upload to Google Drive.

V: Stand at a single spot and film a story taken only from that spot. Showcase creative sound design, creative transitions and colour grading!

Export a 20-30 second .mp4 clip and upload to Google Drive.

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