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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I want to make a 2 minute video for my Instagram content how much would it cost?
    We prepare detailed quotations for each video, tailored to your project so you're only paying for what you need. Drop us a call and we'll provide you with various options. We're happy to discuss how we can work to your budget, and you'll always receive an itemized breakdown from us.
  • If I make an enquiry now, when is the earliest I can get my video?"
    Have an idea in mind? Drop us a call and we can arrange an appropriate timeline. Along with multiple drafts along the way, we'll deliver the final product within 10 working days from the shoot!
  • What does the video production process involve?
    Consultation: We'll have a quick meeting to discuss the PCC; Purpose, concept, content. Pre-Production: Based on the type of video suited for your content, we script, storyboard, and conceptualize the video before preparing the logistics and set locations. Production: Now the fun of actually making a nifty video! Post-Production: Editing entails 2D animations, color grading footage, audio adjustment and royalty-free music. We'll keep you updated will multiple drafts along the way.
  • How involved can I get?
    We will spearhead the project once it is handed to us and keep you updated. In post production, we'll keep you in the loop: You'll receive drafts to view the video at 3 milestones to make sure we're all on the same page. Share your ideas and feedback throughout. We drive the project, you own it!
  • I saw a video on YouTube that I really liked. Can you do something like that?
    Of course, if you have anything in mind feel free to bring it to us. Nonetheless, we want to produce something more! If you want to start a video-based campaign, we'll help you stand out in the overflowing media scene, not simply replicate another video. We will curate a video that meets all your needs and that means conceptualizing something fresh. Still, if anything catches your eye that's just one more source of inspiration for us to reference so that we can make a complete video success.
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